My name is Becky and I currently live in Melbourne, Australia. My Dad is Chinese, born in Malaysia. My mother is a third-generation New Zealander of Irish decent. My parents each have two children from previous relationships, plus me (they later separated). I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I’m very close to my nana. Sometimes language is a barrier, but we get each other. She would always make me dresses and her cooking beats any Chinese restaurant I have ever been to. We celebrated Chinese New Year together and often blasted Chinese music at home.

hapa349-2Although I have at times felt rejected by Chinese people not believing/recognizing my heritage or almost being offended that I am half. I do look more western but western people see the Asian. My half brothers on my Dad’s side are also half white but look full Chinese.

I’m a kiwi at heart, but I love that I have lots of relatives all over Asia. I prefer Asian food to western and love watching Chinese movies. I’m also a singer — my mum’s side of the family is extremely musical.

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