hapa350My name is Levi and I am Scottish, Chinese, Japanese, Native American, Malaysian, Costa Rican and American. I am a mix of many cultures from both my mommy and daddy’s sides of the family. We are generational Hapas and we love it! Even my grandma is Hapa!

Neither mommy nor daddy is Costa Rican so you’re probably wondering how come I am. Well, I’m a tico because I was born in Costa Rica but I’m also American since both mommy and daddy are American!

It is great to be Hapa because you get to experience so many cultures and customs first hand. Like for New Year’s we always have black eyed peas and greens (homage to our Southern American culture) AND a traditional Japanese New Year meal, we also celebrate the lunar (Chinese) new year, Moon festival, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Passover, etc.

hapa350-2If we celebrated every holiday, it would just be one nonstop party! There is always something yummy to eat from pot roast to sushi and curry to dim sum! I hope to travel to all the places we are from as a family one day!

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