Like for many of us Hapas, it was a bit tough growing up.

I did not identify with or ‘fit in’ with the others on a cultural level which did alienate me in school.

Although, being from such a melting pot city, I did eventually manage to befriend many Hapas of many different backgrounds and quickly embraced my cultural heritage.

Growing up Hapa is simply amazing. The difference in customs, language and food have filled my life with diversity. I believe that with an exposure to this diversity, one can easily gain a sense of tolerance and understanding to our many differences and similarities as human beings.

Either way, world, watch out! One of these days, most of the place will be mixed.

3 thoughts on “Japanese, German, French

  1. I grew up with the same situation! I am half Japanese and half German, French, Irish. I now love and embrase my difference and heritage! I love meeting and learning about other Hapas. Do you have family in Japan? Have you been there before?

    • Better late reply than never, i guess. haha!! I do have a lot of family in Japan. My mother was the only one to come to the states. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to Japan yet. Although, I’m itching to go! How about yourself?

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