Born in Australia to an Aussie Mother and A Viet father who immigrated from Vietnam in the 80s.

We travel frequently to Vietnam (every second year) so I am very used to both cultures and at home I eat Asian food.

In my younger days when I went to Vietnam there were no white people at all and Vietnamese women would always come up to me and pinch my cheeks so hard and always talk about me looking English.

I used to be babysat by Vietnamese and could speak the language fluently. Unfortunately now I have lost the fluency and can only understand words which I make phrases out of. I want to learn the language again so much, so please if you’re full and your children are Hapa, make them learn both languages fluently, they’ll thank you later!

These days I still feel a little bit awkward around groups of Vietnamese people because I can understand when they ask my dad “how old is she?” etc and when I answer they say “oh, she can understand it!” still in Viet.

I guess it used to be seen as a bad thing to be a halfie, but these days it is embraced. I love it!!!

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