I was born and raised in the Philippines but currently living in Dubai and still on search of a country where I’d say I’ll live here for the rest of my life.

Both my grandfathers were pure Chinese  who build a family in the Philippines and as for me I want to do the same journey or adventure and discover a new home without discarding what I’m made of because it’s part of who I am.

My feature paints Chinese so anyone who I come across for the first time wouldn’t always say I’m Filipino although I hold its passport and knew Tagalog and even the local dialect Ilocano.

Having different nationalities is fun because I get to experience different culture growing up and those exposures made me come up with my own interpretations which are far more in-depth, resilient, and empathic.

When I was younger, I do feel alienated mingling with Filipinos who has brown skin and deliberately teased me by speaking incomprehensible Chinese that usually sounds like “chong ching chang chong;” but I never felt bullied because I see speaking two languages advantageous and impressive like the National Hero of the Philippines Dr. Jose Rizal who knew more than two languages actually.

One of the great things in the Philippines is having a tight Filipino-Chinese community where I feel safe growing up and learning about life.

As I continue to live, I sometimes wonder what would be my future husband’s nationality but for sure I’ll support my future children with proper care and make them proud to be Hapa.

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