hapa280My name is Nicole Han and I’m 19. I am Korean, Polish, and Nicaraguan.

My father is from South Korea and my mother is a mix of Nicaraguan and Polish.

I am currently an undergraduate student at UCLA. I have participated in several pageants, of which were: Miss Teen Pasadena, Parish Queen at St. Francis of Assisi, National American Miss of Southern California, and Miss Teen Nicaragua.

Growing up, I always had all kinds of friends, but mostly caucasian. It was hard for me to identify myself and relate to others because I didn’t know very many Hapas. But as I have grown up, I realize how blessed I am to be mixed.

hapa280-2Being exposed to totally different cultures has made me a very open minded person. Thanks to my mom, I am fluent in Spanish and although I would have loved to be fluent in Korean as well, my father was always busy with work and could not teach me. But now I am starting to take Korean classes at school in the hopes of becoming proficient!

No matter what kind of mix you are, just know that you are special and there is no one like you! Embrace who are and be confident.

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