195Hi, my name’s Brenda and I’m proud to be Hapa! From my father’s side I am 1/2 white with European roots (a few of which include German, Irish & Spanish), while on mother’s side I am 1/2 Korean.

Growing up, I felt like it was somewhat of a challenge to fit in and relate to others because I didn’t really know other Hapas aside from my siblings. Like most Hapas I can admit I’ve been through the “identity crisis” phase. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace both cultures and have realized how blessed I am to be such a unique mix because I truly do have the best of both worlds!

I’ve learned to fluently understand Korean and have had the benefit of eating some DELICIOUS home cooked Korean food. I have also had the wonderful opportunity to visit relatives in Seoul and experience my Asian culture more in depth.

Being exposed to two totally different cultures has shaped me to become a very open-minded person. I’ve had many friends from a variety of different cultures, but mostly of Hispanic descent. I love when people play the guessing-game as to what ethnicity I am, and I can sure say I’ve gotten some pretty crazy answers. Very few people can guess right the first time, but I always enjoy revealing what I am which often leads to some surprised expressions.

I’m really glad I came across this website because it’s awesome to know there really are so many other Hapas out there like me who can share both the hardships and joys of being mixed. I’m definitely proud of who I am, wouldn’t change a thing!

One thought on “Korean, European

  1. OMG, I’m half European on my dad’s side (Irish, Hungarian, German) and half Korean on my mom’s side. My parents are divorced and I live permanently with my mom’s side so I know Korean fluently, eat Korean food everyday, and visit Korea every summer.

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