We were blessed with the best gift you can get from your parents: a twin sister.

When we were kids I had blond hair and looked more European while my sister looked more Asian.

The older we got the more we looked alike. Most people can’t believe that we are sisters and even twins.

Even though we don’t look alike we have a lot in common in our character. At the same time we are different in some other ways.

One thing that we both miss is Japan. We want to go there again. Hopefully soon our dream will come true :)

4 thoughts on “German, Japanese

  1. I have hapa twins. I was wondering if you still have blue eyes or if the eye colors have changed as you have gotten older. Thanks!

  2. hapa twins! now that is what makes being different even more special! i really enjoyed your story, and photos, thank you!

  3. Holy shit! I never really contemplated the idea of fraternal hapa twins, but can I just say that that is REALLY fucking AWESOME?!

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