I’m Miiko Natalia.

I never thought about my ancestry until at age 13 I found out that my grandmother comes from Japan. Yay!

I don’t look much like Asian, but I don’t look much like Caucasian! *haha*

I’m very mixed. I’m 1/4 Japanese and Polish. I was born in Poland, I grew up there too. I want to visit Japan, but I haven’t money to fly there…I speak Polish on a daily basis, but I know Japanese too.

I learned about Hapa identity on YouTube. I was so happy, that there is such thing like that.

People sometimes ask me if I have roots in Japan. I say then that my great-grandmother came from Japan and married a Pole.

In school I was called “Asian” or “slanted eye. ” Hey but in fact I don’t have very visible Asian characteristics. Sometimes people compare me to the cat.

I noticed  that there are few people like me in country where I live.

Sometimes I wonder whether I’d rather look more like an Asian, or more like a European. Not everyone likes my look…some people say I look like a child, or like a girl from a horror movie!

I’m glad I’m Hapa! It’s great to be different from all races!

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