Hey I’m Corey, a multiracial 18 year old. My mom is half Italian, half German, and my father is Black, Native American, and also has some Asian ancestry (I’m not sure what kind) though he looks predominately Black.

When I was little and even ’till now people have no clue what I am. I would get called  Black kid, the Chinese kid, or the Mexican kid in my early years of elementary school. It still even happens now. When I was little I would always define myself as white, being raised by my white mother. Now I don’t define myself as anything but a proud multiracial and only that. :)

Here’s a picture of me as a kid:

One thought on “Italian, German…

  1. Hi my name is david! My mother is amerasian and my father is mixed black.I take after my mother and look about half asian;but I do get confused with being mexican sometimes.I am proud of my mutiracial blood. I even speak alittle chinese.Zai jian!

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