Hi, my name is Miki and I live in California. I was raised by my Chinese grandmother in Chinatown. My mother passed away when I was young and I never knew who my dad was.

Growing up, I did not know that I was mixed at all. Everyone around me said that I didn’t look full Chinese and always guessed what I was mixed with.

Since I didn’t know either, I always replied by saying how all Chinese from China don’t look “full Chinese” either. Therefore, I never really embraced any other ethnicity except for Chinese. However, I was never really accepted as Chinese as a result from looking multiracial.

I took a DNA test not too long ago. My Chinese-American friends said that I shouldn’t read too much into the results, but what do they know? They are full Chinese, have parents, and actually fit into a group and was accepted by their own people. Even my half-siblings assumed that I denounced being “Chinese” when in reality, I am only embracing my true identity..which is Hapa.

I am very relieved to finally know what I am mixed with. And now that I know what I am, I am embracing it as much as possible and tell the world that I’m Hapa-American! To all the Hapas out there: you are not alone on this journey. Always have hope and never give up! :]

One thought on “Chinese, White

  1. Yay! I’m also the product of Chinese, Hispanic, and White parents, and was also raised in Chinatown in Los Angeles by my grandmother! Good to meet a sister hapa!

    See you ’round Chinatown!

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