Hi, my name’s Rockwell…Rocky or Rock, for short. My mother is Chinese and my father is Russian-Jewish.

Dumplings for breakfast and matzo-ball soup for dinner was not uncommon growing up–although I gravitate towards the Chinese food.

People are always asking what I am, and I love the ambiguity. What’s more ordinary than being ordinary?

I live in Arizona, and a lot of people think I’m Hispanic at first. Arizona isn’t exactly the most progressive state. My mom actually made me print out my birth certificate to keep in my car, in case I get pulled over (due to recent legislation passed).

I go to Arizona State University, where I skip class more often than I attend. We drink a lot here; I turn bright red when I drink.

3 thoughts on “Chinese, Russian-Jewish

  1. I’m the same mix as you with a bit of German thrown in. I was born and raised as a Jewish kid as well! Oh and my dinners pretty much consist of the same balance (dumplings + matzo-ball soup) that yours do.

  2. You have such a cool name! Totally unique just like your heritages! Mine is like that too hahah. I have a weird name and tons of ethnicities that don’t go together haha.

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