Hi my name is Joseph Goode, and I am half Korean and half White (Irish, German).

I am on a show called VH1 Wedding Wars (on Monday nights) with my fiance Elsie who is Filipino, Native American and African American.

While growing up in Sacramento, CA, I was raised by my Korean grandma.  When I was young, I only spoke Korean and couldnt speak English so I started off in ESL classes even though I was born here in the US.  As I grew up I had to deal with the Koreans treating and calling me a white boy and the white people calling me chink. Not so fun.

As I started to get taller and more built, I started to find myself and my was able to hold my own voice and opinion.

I truly love being Hapa and appreciate both sides of my race.  I currently live in Los Angeles, CA pursuing whatever life has in store for me and I really love it.

Yalls can hit me up with whatever, follow me on twitter @joevh1weddwars and watch my show on VH1!!!

3 thoughts on “Korean, Irish, German

  1. Joseph, You and Elsie are my favorite team. I love your chemistry, such a beautiful couple and how you guys KEEP winning. I hope you Win the big Wedding! I will be watching & rooting for you! My fingers are crossed for you.

  2. Hey Joseph that’s great that you embrace both sides of your heritage all the while receiving discrimination from both. It sounds just like my experience in life. It’s nice to see someone on T.V. with the same racial/ethnic composition as myself. The show is actually not that bad to watch. Congrats on the success and hope you win. Later days.

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