Hello my name is Leylah and I am Hispanic and Cambodian.

My mother was born in Mexico, in the city of Coahuila and was raised in Southern Texas. My father was born and raised in Cambodia, city of Phnom Penh and migrated to California at the age of 17.

My parents were both intelligent and made their lives as Americans but never left out their cultures and taught us well. Being raised by parents of different cultures and ethnicities gave me the privilege to learn how to speak Cambodian, Spanish, and English.

I sometimes get asked what my ethnicity is because sometimes people can’t always point out what I am — although I do get that I look full Hispanic most of the time. Growing up, I was always confused on what I should bubble in on surveys for what ethnicity I was and learned that being different was cool!

I’m glad to see that Hapa Voice represents people of different cultures and ethnicities from all over the world and what makes our earth a beautiful place! My husband is Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian and our son has all sorts of different ethnicities in him and we will teach him that having 1, 2, 3, 4 or more races is awesome and that no matter what race one may be, we are all human and shall love one another as brothers and sisters.

2 thoughts on “Hispanic, Cambodian

  1. I always used to joke with her too that we’ll have the first mexican/Khmer kid ever LOL but it’s interesting and pretty cool knowing other hapas of that mix are out there.

  2. Hapa huh?…I was unaware such a phrase came to be. But I’m happy to say that between my Mexican self and my Cambodian/Chinese wife, we will add a beautiful new hapa to the world =)
    I just hope he or she will know both languages as well.

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