hapa364So hi guys – I was totally elated when I found this site!!

Born in Tokyo and growing up in El Paso, I know how it feels to be Hapa in the midst of two very homogenous communities.

My father was introduced to my mother by a mutual friend while tutoring Japanese students in Spanish privately. They developed a romance, and from there on it led to marriage, nine months of pain, and then pop! Out came me.

For the first eight years of my life I lived in Tokyo with my parents. I had to endure laughs, stares and derision from the other kids at school. They were afraid of touching me as they feared my skin tone was “infectious.”

And then the decision was made for me to live with my grandparents in El Paso. So, quick flight via Los Angeles and here I am now. Years of public schooling has been…normal to say the least. 75% of the kids are white (odd for a Texan border town school) and those who aren’t white band together. Sometimes I have to resist the urge to slap the random passerby spouting insults like “beaner!”

God’s grace has me inheriting my mother’s eyes but my father’s tan. People often assume I’m Polynesian or Mexican. My loving grandparents tell me to ignore those people. I hope someday racism will be wiped ofd the face of the earth.

2 thoughts on “Japanese, Mexican

  1. Your good cheer and good attitude is what this country needs to help everyone understand and adapt to how wonderful it is have a blending of cultures, you are the American of the future. I realize many people do not realize this but the future looks more like you and less like the way it has always been.

  2. I am also Japanese and Mexican. =) Sometimes it can be annoying or difficult in not particularly fitting in with a certain culture;though I pretty much just consider myself American, there are Japanese American and Mexican American, of which I am neither I guess. It does give some interesting perspective though. I agree with the racism though, and often (or always?) think it stems from ignorance.

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