hapa368.pngMy name is Ryôma Takeuchi. Born and raised in Paris, I went to high school in Japan. I live now in Paris, where I’m studying economics. As a student, I work on my subjects in several languages, so I can keep a decent level of each.

I’ve always been interested in Japan, and I studied hard to communicate with my father and Japanese friends. Being in an international school helped me a lot, so I hope the International Baccalaureate program spreads in Japan, so Hapas can choose a fitting education.

Obviously, Japanese people born in Japan didn’t think of me as a Japanese, and French people didn’t understand why I would give some value to my Japanese roots. But when you grow up, you realize nobody can decide for you.

Being multiracial is a fact. You can bear it in mind, or you can just decide to forget it. But if your choice goes to a life as a multicultural, just remember the challenge never really ends.

I work at my parents’ restaurant, where we make excellent Japanese food and teach sadō, thus recreating a little piece of Japan in Paris to share with my friends.

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