hapa355Hi, my name is Matthias and I am half Filipino and half German.

I was born and raised in Germany but I also spent significant time in the Philippines as a child and after graduating. I’ve always been exposed to both cultures especially when it comes to food which is why I have a confused palate. :)

Being Hapa, you are always torn between two worlds and never fit in. I am neither the Filipino nor the German guy even though I speak both languages fluently.

People assume I’m Brazilian, Spanish, Turkish, French or Indian – I’ve heard it all. I currently live in Ireland and people are always surprised when I tell them my background.

hapa355-2In the Philippines, people think I’m a tourist, while in Germany, people think I’m an immigrant (which is why my passport always gets scanned twice at the airport since my exotic face doesn’t match my German name).

Despite the challenges, I’m still proud of my mixed heritage and I think being Hapa is an asset, not a disadvantage!

One thought on “Filipino, German

  1. I feel you brother! I’m mixed too and in Germany they think I’m Asian and in Asia they think I’m German. The truth lies somwhere in between…

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