hapa351Hi! My name is Sassha. I was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to the states when I was 18.

My dad is of African American, Puerto Rican, white and Native American descent and my mom is Filipino. Growing up in the Philippines, I always struggled with my identity since I was made fun of because of my skin color. I was too dark as they would always say, so I didn’t blend in and I wasn’t considered Filipino. I was always called “the black girl.”

I have a younger sister who looks more Caucasian so whenever I would say that we’re sisters people wouldn’t believe me and would instead say that we’re cousins, which I took offense to. Being half white was more preferred over being half black.

Now that I’m in the states, I’ve noticed that Filipinos aren’t able to tell that I am Filipino, but non-Filipinos do and they make it a point to identify me. I always get asked what my ethnicity is or if I’m Filipino, which I don’t really mind as long as it doesn’t affect the way people treat me. I’ve been identified as Mexican, Filipino, and Indian.

I’ve learned to embrace and love who I am and what I am. All races are beautiful so I don’t mind being identified as one race or the other. I am very happy with my skin color and nobody can convince me to think otherwise. I am a proud Hapa!

2 thoughts on “Filipino, African American…

  1. Hey! I’m Filipina, Native American and West Indian, I know hapas who have grown up outside asia but have had the same treatment of being denied as being ‘part of them’ by asians, it’s quite common here in the UK and I’ve been through it myself.. The half white hapas I know have had the worst experiences though, but needless to say those kids picked on you because they were jelous!

    Hope you are having a wonderful new life in the states :)

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