hapa344Hi! My name is Jasmine and I am a proud Hapa of Polish and Scottish decent from my dad’s side and Chinese from my mum’s side. When people ask what my nationality is, I often play the guessing game.

I was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and currently live there. When I was one years old I temporarily lived in China for two years, and in that time my sister was born. We lived with my Chinese grandparents in the city of Mianyang, where we received much attention because my dad was one of the only white people living in the area, and could also speak Mandarin very well. I never learned Polish, but I am still so proud to be able to speak two fluent languages; English and Mandarin.

We go back to China every four years or so, and up till this day, we still gain much attention and it is funny because when I go out with my family in China, people think my dad, sister and I can’t understand Chinese. I love everything about Chinese culture: the food, traditions, language and much more. I guess it’s because I am interested in cultures because I was raised in a multicultural family. Every day, my family eats Chinese cooked by my grandma and we all love it! Every year, we celebrate Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, Lantern Festival and the Duanwu Festival.

Although I have never been to Poland, my Polish grandparents and my dad tell me lots about it, and my grandma cooks the best desserts ever! My family only celebrates Christmas in the Polish way, but all year round my dad bakes lots of traditional Polish cakes.

I am a proud Hapa because I love being exposed to different cultures and my uniqueness. Though I have faced some challenges because I am of mixed race, I have always and will continue to embrace both sides of my heritage. 

One thought on “Polish, Scottish, Chinese

  1. Dziendobry :)

    Your mix is great! I am half-Chinese and half-caucasian of various heritages including Scottish, but I grew up in Poland.

    I’m not Polish in any way but it’s my home and I love it there. I’ve never been to China although I wish I could go….the food is soo good.

    My Polish is better than my Cantonese funnily enough! Anyways, just wanted to say your mix is awesome and I can totally see both the Chinese and Polish sides.

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