Hi I’m Levy Reynolds and my Korean name is Yung Choi.

I’m an adoptee from Seoul, South Korea. I don’t know who my birth parents were expect that my birth mom was Korean and my birth dad was Mexican and Native American.

I haven’t really looked that deeply into any of my cultural backgrounds, I’ve just lived my life as a typical American. However, recently I’ve started exploring them more. I hope to visit Seoul, South Korea, the Lakota Nation in the Dakotas, and Mexico, especially the Northern States.

I only know English right now, but I’m studying Spanish in college. I hope to be fluent one day, especially as Spanish is becoming more popular in the United States. As far as Lakota and Korean, I don’t feel a large need to learn these languages.

If you look at me, you can definitely see the Korean in me, but you can see Native American and Mexican in me if you look carefully. I’ve made friends with Koreans both adopted and non-adopted and I have noticed that I look a little different than them. I don’t have enough Mexican or Native American in me to look Mexican or Native American, but I do have some traits. I have a Roman nose like Native Americans and I’m muscularally built like Mexican males. And of course, I have black hair and almond-shaped brown eyes (not completely almond-shaped though).

I’m happy to be Hapa! I’m not only nationally an American, but ethnically, I’m Korean, Mexican, and Native American and I’m proud of it!

3 thoughts on “Korean, Native American, Mexican

  1. Hi to Levy & to all,
    Levy, you have so many riches to discover from your ethnic heritages. It is worth discovering each of them.
    Peace and best wishes

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