I wrote a children’s picture book called I am Flippish!

Years ago during St. Patrick’s Day, my 7 year old son wore a “Kiss me I’m Irish!” hat to school.

A mom jokingly said, “Take that hat off, you are not Irish! You don’t look Irish!”

It really bothered me because my son didn’t want to wear his hat anymore. He asked me if he was Irish. I told him yes, he is 50-50. He is Filipino and Irish which makes him Flippish.  

Then I looked for children’s books that explained to kids about being biracial.  Unfortunately I didn’t find any that really talks about the issue so I decided to write one. Please check out my website for more about my book at IamFlippish.com

4 thoughts on “Filipino, Irish

  1. Congratulations on the book! I love it so much! I wish that I could have had it when I was little… I am definitely buying it :)

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