Hi my name is Daniel Alter and I am proud to be the son of an American father and a Filipina mother.

When asked of any unique traits or customs, I immediately think of dinner time at the Alter household.

Since I was born, it has been customary for my family to pray before eating meals. Unlike most typical families, two prayers are rehearsed. We begin the typical ritual with a Jewish prayer delivered in Hebrew, this in respect to my Father’s heritage. A Roman Catholic prayer immediately follows, this honoring my mother’s own religious background.

Whenever guests show surprise or wonder from the oddity at the dinning table, I am once again reminded of the uniqueness of my heritage.

I have lived in South East Asia my whole life, this including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai.

Living in so many destinations and attending a number of different international schools, I have had the opportunity to share and explain my own Hapa identity, as well as hear about the many others who too have unique backgrounds.

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