Hi I’m Ruben, I grew up in California where Hapas are almost everywhere.

People often think I’m Filipino or Mexican and are surprised to find out that I’m part Japanese.

I enjoy being mixed as it gives me a diverse cultural identity. I don’t like classifying myself as half of anything but simply as Hapa.

4 thoughts on “Japanese, Mexican

  1. Hooray! Thanks for your post. I’m half Japanese and half Mexican too! I’ve been asked my entire life if I’m Filipino; often people will speak Tagalog to me! Glad to know of others out there with our same special blend!

  2. I’m 1/2 japanese and 1/2 mexican too! Although i live in Texas, wished i live in SoCal! And yes, people usually think I’m mexican or Philippino, and are surprised I’m japanese.

  3. Oh wow! You’re Japanese and Mexican! That’s so cool!
    My dad is half Japanese and half native American!
    And people are usually surprised to figure out that I’m part Japanese too! Most people just think I’m Mexican or Italian haha!
    Hope that we can be friends, if you want?

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