Hey my name is Maya :)

I was born in the US and moved to Japan when I was 10, and just moved back to California last year.

So I’ve lived half my life in California and half my life in Japan.

I have a lot of mixes, but you can barely tell because of my Japanese roots. It’s funny because depending on the person they think I either look “so Asian” or “not Asian at all.”

Really depends on who I’m talking to, I get mixed up all the time. Especially because I’m living in California, MANY people mistake me as Hispanic and start talking to me in Spanish, and I’m like ???? because I don’t get anything they’re saying. BUT I’m on my way there, I’m trying to become trilingual :)

Anyway. I’m super proud of being Hapa, wouldn’t want to be anything else. ;)

2 thoughts on “Japanese, Irish…

  1. I’m half japanese too!! It’s funny that so many of my fellow hapas are mistaken as hispanic (me too…). I also get “you look totally asian” from white people, and get “totally look gaijin” from Japanese people! I personally know right away when I see a hapa, and I also think I look like nothing but a typical hapa :)

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