It wasn’t until I was seventeen that I first heard the term “Hapa.”

Of course I was aware that there were many people of multiracial heritage, but I had no idea that there was a unified community that celebrated their mixed roots — a community of people who have had so many of the same experiences that I’ve had. So before graduating college, I started HapaVoice.com to help connect Hapas everywhere and create a place to chat about what it’s like to be mixed.

Whether or not people choose to self identify as Hapa is up to them, I just want them to know that they aren’t some “other” who doesn’t belong. We are a diverse community of millions of people all over the world who face many of the same joys and challenges of multiracial identity, and our voices will be heard.

4 thoughts on “Filipina, German, Irish, French

  1. Nice sharing on your background. It is meaningful to have this site. I like multi-racial culture, as the place I grow up (Malaysia) is a multi-racial country too.

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