hapa388-2Hi, I’m Ida and I’m 33 and live in Norway. I was adopted from South Korea when I was three months old.

Very little is known of my biological mom, other than that she was around 20 when she got pregnant with me. From what I’ve heard, my father was 23 at the time and being young students, they didn’t want to marry each other and so my mother couldn’t take care of me.

I was always curious as a child about where I came from. I knew I was Korean, but I always asked if there were any other countries I had in my blood, seeing how my school mates always seemed to know where they came from and how their parents looked, how their grandparents looked and so on.


Throughout my life, I’ve often been asked about where I’m from. While I didn’t feel any less Norwegian growing up, that did change as I became a teenager and young adult.

Until I took a DNA test, I had assumed I was 100% Korean, since I have a very Korean look. But I was wrong. The test results showed 47.6% Japanese/Korean, 46.4% Chinese/Vietnamese, and 4.8% Central Asian.

Finally, I obviously am 1.2% Finnish. And that’s cool and shocking at the same time; I always felt close to Finland, I visit often and consider it a second home. I’m also teaching myself the Finnish language, I enjoy cooking Finnish food, and I love sauna.

Because I didn’t ever get to know my Korean heritage, I never felt close to it. I feel my heart belongs in Norway and Finland, though I’m proud to be a mix of Asian and Finnish (the Finno-Ugrian people are loosely related to the Siberans and East Asians after all). :)

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