I’m Korean and sort of a Caucasian mutt. My Mom has South Korean and German ancestry, while my father has Polish, German, English, and French. My surname I’ve found is from England and my father says his family came from French Canadian roots.

I grew up saying, “I’m white and a quarter Korean,” or, “I’m half Korean, half white.” The struggle for me was mostly internal. I used to hang with the FOBs. But I couldn’t understand what they were saying, lol, so that felt kind of lonely. Then I would hang out with other groups and just be the “strange” white dude (because I was into a lot of Asian things, culture, food, movies, languages, habits). Eventually I developed a core group of outsiders that became tight because we all didn’t fit into the “cliques.”

Now, outwardly, I think my inability to get ethnically guessed was a benefit, I never got picked on racially because they couldn’t figure me out, lol. I got asked if I was from Bolivia, Iran, Some kind of Asian, or a lot just assumed I was full white. But I always felt kind of out of the loop from my heritage I guess. My mother didn’t raise me with Korean food or traditions in the household. So everything I know is because of my own interest.

I love Korean food, and when I had my daughter we did a 100 days celebration for her and I plan to have a traditional Korean wedding fused into my ceremony, lol. I used to see people who I could definitely tell were Hapas and I’d point to my friends or family and say, “Hey look, it’s one of my halfblood brothers.” lol. I’ve never searched to see if there was some kind of community for us until now, I had just assumed there wasn’t. But, this is pretty cool, I hope I can find some kind of meet up group near D.C. so I can meet my newfound peoples, lol.

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