hapa346Hello My name is Ariel and I am mixed with Japanese, Mexican, Spanish, French Canadian, and German.

I know it’s a lot, that’s why I don’t really tell people what I’m mixed with because I feel like its such a hassle. My dad is the one that is mix with some Mexican, Spanish, and a little of French Canadian.

My mom well.. I just know that she was born in Colombia but her family is Japanese and a bit of German. I considered myself more Japanese and Mexican though since that’s what I look like even though sometimes I get confused for being Filipino.

hapa346bGrowing up was a bit hard because where I went to school, the kids were always “full” races. I went to an all Chinese school when I was little and when I moved to Texas it was a lot more Hispanics.

To be honest thought I hated being mixed. I didn’t feel included in any ethnic groups because it was either I wasn’t a “real” Asian or a “real” Latina.

Having my parents both American and just knowing English didn’t really give me the opportunity to learn Spanish or Japanese. So to me, I didn’t have a culture or heritage. I tried learning Japanese because more of my friends were Asian than Hispanic.

hapa346aI just wanted to fit in. However, most of them just said that I was their Mexican friend. I felt a bit hurt that they didn’t see me as also as being Asian too. Although over time I grew not to care.

Honestly I’m proud of being mixed, I have that uniqueness most don’t have. I still get a lot of racism but if I wasn’t mixed I probably wouldn’t be as open minded as I am now.

I don’t know if what I experience is the same for everyone that’s mixed, but don’t let it bother you when people are closed minded, ignorant, or confused. I even had to deal with ignorance within my own family. Just stay true to who you are. Thank you for reading :)

Hapa and Proud.

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