hapa338Hi! I’m an American of Irish, German, Scottish, and Korean descent.

My dad’s an American of Irish, German, and Scottish descent. My mom’s Korean. My race? I’m Eurasian. Many people think I’m 100% European, but no, I tell them that I’m Eurasian.I was born in Korea, but I’m a proud American with four ethnic backgrounds. I embrace all of them. That’s what being American is all about. Being mixed.

I’m currently going to an International IB school in Korea, and I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m meeting fellow American kids, but I’m also meeting Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese, Taiwanese, Filipino, Canadian, and British kids.

I enjoy talking with them and love sharing my American culture with them. As I said before, many kids at school think that I’m 100% European, but when I tell them that I’m Eurasian, they are blown away. I’ve noticed that looks can be deceiving, especially with Eurasians.

I had my identity crisis two years ago. It all started when a Korean girl called me “halfie.” I immediately knew she was talking about my race, and I started feeling confused. Am I European, or am I Asian? After doing some research and deciding that I’m mixed race — Eurasian — my crisis ended. Identity confirmed. By the way, being a Eurasian guy somehow attracts me to Eurasian girls :)

I’ve always been interested in railroads and aviation, but my current dream is to become a pilot, travel the world, and meet other Hapas :)

3 thoughts on “Scottish, Korean…

  1. This made me chuckle a bit. I am quarter Japanese [yes hapa applies] but if we met face to face you’d think I was just simply European as I look very much like my mother [British / German]. Blonde hair, fair skin, grey/green eyed. My full brother on the other hand is oftentimes confused as being Hispanic, Italian or similar origins given as his skin is constantly darker [not even in winter does he loose that complexion], with his dark eyes & hair so black you’d think he dyed it.

    Funny how genetics work. It certainly doesn’t help when non-Asiatics have a certain “image” in their head how Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, etc. are supposed to look and don’t seem to realize there are variations among the natives too.

    Kudos for going to school in Korea. I spent many years in Japan, only moving back to Canada due to my mother’s elderly mother; as I found I relate far more closely to my Asian relatives than the European ones.

  2. Same – only two people have ever guessed on their own that I’m anything other than white (blond hair and blue eyes, Indian/white mom and Siciliano misto/white dad). But hey, in a melting pot like America, anything is possible…even us. :)

  3. Wow, I find it so cool that you inherited the red hair. I can see your Korean side from your eyes but I bet the hair really throws people off. I’m kind of the same, I have light brown hair and big eyes, so people really don’t see the Chinese in me.

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