hapa335Hey! I’m Ari. I am Chinese, Hawaiian, Japanese and Caucasian. There are honestly too many ethnicities running through my blood to name them all! I was born in California.

I am so proud to be Hapa, something different and unique. It does have the awkward moments, the “What are you?” questions, but sharing my culture can be very fun.

Honestly, I can’t say I’m white or Asian. Because I am half of both. My parents are also Hapa, which makes for an eclectic blend of cultures, especially food-wise.

Living near Japanese markets and stores, my parents influenced me with the Japanese culture. Still to this day, we buy our groceries with packages that don’t have English on them. When I was little, my favorite food was a giant bowl of udon noodles. I was the “half Asian girl”, who brought seaweed to school with her sandwich lol.

My best friend was half Chinese, and people always exclaimed that we looked like Asian sisters. :) Being Hapa is something to be proud of, it makes you special, and the more stories to tell the better!

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