hapa329-2Hello guys. My name is Anggie Jhovanny. I’m 18 years old. I was born in Jakarta,Indonesia and now I live in Bekasi, Indonesia. I’m a student at a private college. I have very mixed ancestry. From my mother’s side, I have Minangkabau, Malayan, and Dutch descent. And from my father’s side, I have Javanese, Japanese, and Chinese ancestry. I can speak Indonesian, English, and Japanese languages. I like anime and manga very much.


When I was a kid, many people thought that I was pure Chinese because I have light yellow skin and slanted eyes. Unfortunately, I had discrimination by my friends because they felt that I’m different from them. I was sad about it, but my mother said that mixed blood is unique and attractive.

Before, I was ashamed. Now, I feel so confident because I have mixed blood. I feel proud being Hapa. This is my identity.

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