hapa327My name’s Olivia and I’m half Polish (mum’s side) and half Vietnamese (dad’s side). I was born in Poland and I’m living in the UK now.

I’m very open about my ethnicity and I feel honored to be mixed race. I never really talked about where I came from when I was younger but now I feel more open about it and cherish it more. However, I cannot speak fluent Vietnamese.

The main features of being mixed race are mostly the different cultures that are included in your life, like Christmas with my mum and Vietnamese New Year with my dad — two very different things yet we celebrate both.

I hope one day I will meet more people like me.

P.S. I love Vietnamese cuisine!

4 thoughts on “Polish, Vietnamese

  1. I’m half Italian and half Vietnamese and I really like it. As you said I feel really happy to be like this and to be part of two cultures! I also can’t speak Vietnamese fluently but I would like to!
    Yes, Vietnamese cuisine is so delicious!

  2. Dzien dobry!
    I’m half Chinese, half caucasian but I grew up in Poland. There are a ton of Vietnamese Poles there but I’ve never met an actual hapa. Your mix is really cool!

  3. I’m a Vietnamese christian and so I celebrate both just like you. My wife is white we’re expecting a baby boy. My son will also celebrate both, so you’re not alone. :)

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