hapa326Hi! My name is Bailey Omura. I just recently started getting into my heritage more. I am Japanese and Irish.

My dad is full Japanese, his side is from Okinawa, Japan. My mother is European/Irish, born in California. I live in Seattle, Washington.

When I was little, I honestly didn’t really know what I was. Growing up I considered myself white. Then I realized I was Japanese. About two years ago I discovered the Hapa world. I realized there were other people like me. I’m proud to be Hapa because I love being a mix a different races! I like being unique.

I sorta struggled finding the right group to hangout with growing up, the whites or the Asians. So I just stuck with the whites haha. But I always have felt a connection with Japanese people. Also people never know what my heritage is. I’ve gotten Mexican, Brazilian, Italian, Hawaiian and just plain white. Overall I’d say I am very proud to be Hapa and you should be too! <3


One thought on “Japanese, Irish

  1. Oh my goodness! You look just like my granddaughter! I am a full Japanese grandma who moved to the states 21 years ago. My daughter married an Irish-American (almost full Irish), and their oldest daughter (11 years old now) looks just like you. We feel that she will look like you when she grows up. We are Irish-Japanese mix family and always aware of our cultures.

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