hapa318Hiya! My name is Katrina and I was born in London, England and still live here.

My mother is Nepali with bits of Mongolian ancestry. My father has both Indian and Portuguese ancestry – hence the surname “Rodrigues.”

In primary school, almost everyone was European. There were some Africans and Indians, but only a couple Asians. I HATED my surname! Everyone had such English surnames, which I used to envy because mine was so long and “weird.” Being one of the few Asians, I did not get picked on – surprisingly.

hapa318-2As I went into secondary school, I started to see A LOT more diverse and multicultural people which made me feel better. I started to embrace my “long” surname, as I found out it meant “son of Rodrigo” or “famous ruler” which came from Portugal. So many people started asking me: What are you? Where are your parents from? Why do you have a Portuguese surname?

I identified myself as mixed because my parents were from different countries. In secondary school, many comments are made towards people because of their appearance or ethnicity. Even if they say it to each other as a joke, I’m sure some of us take it sensitively! I used to get called Chinese in my primary school due to my eyes which are slightly slanted, but I have no Chinese ancestry at all.

Every time I visit one side of the family, everyone seems to love how I’m of what they are. All my cousins are mixed with either Nepali and English, or Indian and English, so no conflict there! I LOVE to celebrate the different traditions both my mum and dad have. I’ve been to Nepal quite a few times – I love going there! Just recently visited India, which I was very hesitant about, but in the end it was worth it.

I’ve never ever met someone who has the same background as me at all! It’s so weird! Being mixed is amazing, unique and exotic! Glad I am.

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