hapa304My name is Lorena Maria Jitsuko Ruiz (I go by “La La.”) I’m 17 and I live in Southern California.

I’m totally Hapa and very proud to be a unique mix of Okinawan, German, Nicaraguan, and Mexican.

My maternal grandmother is Okinawan, born and raised in Hilo, Hawai’i and my grandfather is German, from the Midwest. They currently live in O’ahu.

My paternal grandmother is from Ensenada, Mexico and my grandfather (who I’ve never met) is from Masaya, Nicaragua.

No one ever can guess what I am! I look more Asian than Hispanic, in fact I look more Asian than my mother, who looks all German! I was never picked on growing up, even though I live in a predominately white community. I got a softball scholarship to the University of Hawai’i fall of 2014, and my parents and brother will be moving to the islands with me! I’m getting excited that I’ll be surrounded by TONS of other Hapa people just like me!

4 thoughts on “Okinawan, Nicaraguan…

  1. Hi! Thanks :) You do look more Asian! Genetics is so interesting huh? I have an x teammate who plays for UH Hilo named Mariah. Yes, I’m looking forward to college, thanks :) I live in Temecula.

  2. Wonderful post!!! I am from So.Cal as well and am half Hispanic and half Chinese, but I feel l like I definitely look more asian.
    Best of luck in college! I actually just visited my friend who goes to school in Hilo :)

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