hapa296My mom’s from Hiroshima, my dad’s from Florida. They met in Hawaii, moved to New York, had me in Florida, moved to Japan, and moved back to Honolulu!

I am now 17, and have been living on this beautiful island for about 16 years. Hawaii’s whole “vibe” is very unique as there are many mixed people like myself, and I noticed that I don’t really associate people with their race anymore. I see everyone being part of this one community here at home, instead of being “this race” or “that race.” I feel like this is the way it should be…everywhere.

hapa296-2Well, the only time people confront me about my race is when I travel to other places such as Japan or the mainland. Most people tend to see my caucasian side (especially in Japan), and are always shocked when they find out I am half Japanese. Whenever I go there, people stare, ask questions, and stare some more. They get even more confused when they try to speak to me in English and I respond in Japanese. (haha)

Growing up, Japanese and English were very much interwoven in my learning. My first word was in Japanese, and I believe the first book I read was also in Japanese. Living in Hawaii, it was very easy to access my Japanese heritage/language, as many of my close friends were also Japanese or mixed.

I remember when I was younger, I wasn’t ever content with my own heritage for whatever reason. Now, I am so very proud of who I am and where I come from, and I try to embrace and love every part of it.

I am Japanese and caucasian, but I failed to mention early on that art also runs in my blood. Ever since I can remember, creativity flowed through me as naturally as my heritage did. I find things that have more than one component/one media (mixed media), so breathtakingly beautiful. Whether it’s people, art, music, or nature, I find myself very attracted to “mixed” things. I have only made this connection recently, and I want to explore this through my art, and through myself, and ultimately inspire the world.

I am Melody,
I am Sakura,
I am an Artist.

If anyone would like to explore my art, please feel free to!

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