hapa292Hey Everyone! My name is Laura, I’m from Toronto, Canada.

I have a younger brother named Jordan. Our mother is Filipino, from Lucena City, and our father is British/German born and raised in Toronto.

I found this site by random browsing but I’m so glad I did — I love reading about other Hapas around the world.

Toronto is a very diverse city, so I never really had issues feeling alienated as a child due to my mixed race. I grew up with many Hapa classmates and a lot of my friends are blasian.

hapa292cMy father never really embraced his German or English culture so I usually just identify myself as Filipino/Canadian to make it easier on people.

Living with my mother for the majority of my childhood, I really embraced the Filipino culture.

I swear I have my mom’s accent to a tee! I’ve traveled to the Philippines over six times and I do understand Tagalog.

hapa292bOne day I hope to travel to England and Germany to explore my European cultures as well.

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