hapa283My name is Alec Fujimoto. I was born and raised in Orange County, California, and I recently graduated from Azusa Pacific University. I am half Japanese and half Italian.

Growing up I was submerged in a white suburbs culture. It wasn’t until I reached high school and college that I began to really identify with the Asian culture. In high school I joined a Japanese basketball league, took Japanese classes in school, attended JEMS camp (Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society), and took a trip throughout much of Asia including Japan.

Although many of my friends were white, I easily and quickly created friendships with Koreans, Japanese, and other Hapas. I never really struggled with issues about my mixed race, it was mostly in my eyes looked at as a positive, as people thought I was unique looking.

hapa283-2I have now identified so much with the Asian race and Hapa kind, that I have created my own clothing company called HAPA Clothing.

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