hapa273Hey I’m half Taiwanese and half White, my “whiteness” being Swedish.

There are other half and half kids that look full Asian or full Caucasian, but I think I’m a mix. In some of my pictures people tell me that I look “so Asian,” while in others, “you look so white.”

My family and I don’t really celebrate American holidays. We do celebrate Thanksgiving in a way, but we eat mainly Chinese food (the best food, in my opinion). We celebrate Chinese New Year by going to our local Chinatown. That’s always fun. I haven’t really struggled being Hapa; I like being different.


My Caucasian genes blessed me with double-lidded eyes, however, my Asian genes sometimes overpower the white genes and my double lids will go wacky. I don’t know if any other halfies have experienced this but it is ANNOYING!

Well anyways, being Hapa is special to me, because I only know probably about 2 Hapas and I like being different. Life is great.

7 thoughts on “Taiwanese, Swedish

  1. not hapa, but one of my ancestors was Amerindian. I also experience this. With one eye having less of a double lid than the other. And sometimes, when I haven’t slept properly, for instance, I barely have a double eyelid. Glad to know I am not the only one having this problem.

  2. I have that eyelid problem too! Some mornings each eye looks completely different. When I try to tell other people about that problem they think I am making it up. Glad to hear I am not the only one.

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