hapa272Hey, I’m Melonie, and I have the unique identity of being half Caucasian (Mother’s side) and half Vietnamese (Father’s side).

I am so excited that I found out about this site! I have only met a handful of people who are mixed with Asian and some other ethnicity, and it is pretty awesome being able to see and learn about so many others who are just like me.

Although I have not met many people with similar ethnic backgrounds with mine, I have never had a problem with fitting in to a specific group or feeling isolated and left out. In fact, I feel like my multiracial background has given me the advantage of fitting in with a wider variety of groups.

For instance, since I am not completely Caucasian, I feel more comfortable around groups of people that are not white such as Asians, Hispanics, or African Americans. Similarly, since I am half Caucasian, I can still feel just as comfortable in a group of white people! Many of my friends are very excited that I am half Asian because most of them have never met someone with such an ethnic background.

Another benefit that I have received from being a Hapa is the joy of the guessing-game. I absolutely love it when someone will uncomfortably ask me what my ethnicity is so that I can boldly ask them to guess! I find it quite interesting to hear all of the different answers that I receive because I like to know how other people perceive me and then have the opportunity to throw them off by telling them the right answer. The most common guesses that I hear are Hispanic, Italian, or Filipino.

Growing up between two different cultures has given me the best of both worlds. My American side allows me to experience a laid-back and fun culture with DELICIOUS southern food, while my Vietnamese side exposes me to a more traditional, respectful culture with even more delicious oriental food (eggrolls and Pho!!!). =) I feel like the two cultures have shaped my personality as well; I love to have fun and goof off, but I have also always been serious about my schooling and am a math major!

I definitely embrace my ethnicity and have turned two very different cultures into one; I would never change who I am or which races I am made up of!

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