hapa269Hey! My name is Dominic Poon. I’m 20 and I’m currently studying at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London.

Throughout my life, being half Chinese half Polish has had its ups and downs. From a young age, I always thought I was just an ordinary kid who got along well with every other kid.

However, as I got older I started to realize that I knew no one who shared a similar heritage to me (apart from my siblings), and so became conscious about the way I looked as compared to other people.

Like most Hapas, I experienced an identity crisis, not being able to really fit in on my Polish side or my Chinese side (and sometimes still feel this way).

Being schooled in Hong Kong until the age of 11, other school kids took a real interest in me because of my supposed unusual mix and looks. Don’t get me wrong, going to school in Hong Kong was great since I made a large set of friends! However I often thought, “Why can’t I just look like everyone else and not have most school kids stare?”

I have visited Poland several times, to see relatives from my Mother’s side. In my teenage years, I used to hate those trips, purely because I hated how so many people would stop and stare and give me weird looks as if to say I don’t belong there. Having lived in the UK since moving from Hong Kong, I began to dislike my heritage even more. Being one of the few Chinese looking kids in school, people often made jokes which involved race a lot of the time. I often thought – “Why can’t I just be white like them?”

But as I grew older I began to realize that being different is good. Being different meant being interesting. Being different meant I could make jokes about how on earth my parents met.

I would like to thank the makers of this site as I’m so glad to connect to all you Hapas out there, who share similar views and experiences to me!

8 thoughts on “Chinese, Polish

  1. Dominic,

    I have 3 nephews, they are half chinese and polish. My sister in-law is from Poland. They speak Polish, English, and Chinese (learning it from GrandMa).

    Don’t feel discouraged, everyone feels out of place at one time or another. I am full blooded chinese and grew up in CT. My kids are half chinese and Italian, english, scottich, and irish.

  2. Hey!
    I’m quite interested in your story,I’m Polish who left Poland to travel around the world.
    Right now I’m married to my Japanese hubs and sometimes I wonder how we are going to raise our future family…
    That’s why I’m reading stories Hapavoice.com because I want to be prepared if my children will come to me with any doubts about their heritage…

    Is there anything you enjoy about being half Polish?Have you really been greet most of the time with cold shoulder in Poland?
    Also ,how do you feel that there are so many Polish people in England?Since I stayed in the UK some time I got to know many great people who opened their minds after coming there,but there is still a fact about some rude and neanderthal people living there…Pay no attention to them,they never left their hometown before coming to work in England!

    I wish you can find the best of the both worlds,nowadays it’s pretty cool to be ‘2 in 1’!

    • I’m definitely proud to be Polish…just look at the delicious food (especially pierogi!!). I have met and made some really great Polish friends in the UK, who all seemed keen in embracing new culture. When I was younger, I always thought Polish people looked at me in a malicious way, but as I got older I soon realized that they were just curious. What’s more Poland is getting more and more diverse. So It’s definitely getting better because of the newer generation coming through. I found it comparatively easier to get along and relate to Polish people of my generation, since they seemed much more open-minded. As for the rude people, I have learnt to accept that in every culture there will always be ignorance, something just to be ignored. :)

      • This is no nice to hear that there are other people who are managing well with this exciting lifestyle.
        I am Polish and my Boyfriend’s family is from HK, he was born and raised in Scotland but his parents kept their family heritage very much alive. We have been together for 5 years now. Since we started talking about planning a family I realized that out kids will be 3 lingual and will have 3 different countries to call home. I definitely want them to spend time with my bf’s parents who would speak Chinese to the kids. . I really hope that we manage to show them that the fact that they are different only makes them even more special just like you said here.
        They will be Chinese Polish and Scottish all at once :D In my dreams I’d like my kids to love all parts of their heritage but I guess it usually depends on where they grow up as they will probably feel most bound to that culture?
        Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. Hi! Wow! You’re like me! I’m half Polish and half Chinese :D And I was born and lived in Hong Kong for 10 years, and moved to the UK! :D Awesome! Thanks for sharing your story :)

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