Hi there! My name is Rieza Luthfi Alvarez and I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia.

My Dad is Spanish-Filipino and my Mom is Indonesian. Being Hapa is a great feeling and a blessing.

It’s funny to me when people can’t guess my background right. Even now that I’m older and have changed quite a bit, people still have no idea what ethnicity I am. When I was a kid people called me “bule” (caucasian foreigner). Some of them said I looked Japanese, others guessed Chinese, and a few thought I was Arabian.

There’s always a good and bad side to being mixed-race. If you identify with some parts more than others, it’s tough to gain acceptance from all sides. But I think that sometimes it can be an advantage to be able to blend in with different groups ;)

Hapa and Proud!

2 thoughts on “Spanish, Filipino, Indonesian

  1. I agree about people guessing where im from as well! No one can get it right the first time I meet someone, it almost becomes a guessing game! I’d say thats the beauty of being Hapa!

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