My Mom is Chinese/Filipina and my dad is African American.

When I was little I did not really think about my race or ethnicity, I just wanted to go and play with the other kids. As I got older I noticed that whenever someone meets me with my parents they ask what I am.

I have never felt ashamed of my ethnicity because I know that it makes me different and special.

While growing up I lived and was taken care of by my aunts, uncles, and cousins on my mom’s side so I definitely act and live a more Asian-cultured life, only because that was the way I was raised. I grew up learning the Asian culture and eating Asian food.

My half brother is half Korean half African American. He taught me all about the Korean culture and food, too. I think that because I spent my time when I was little with my Asian side of the family that I act more Asian. Since I do, When people see me they think I’m weird because I don’t “talk or act like a Black girl” or because I speak different languages then them.

I tell them I am half Asian and they say “Ohhh….that makes more sense.” I don’t mind that people do not know my ethnicity when they first see me, I think it makes it fun. It is fun how when I visit my family in the Philippines people ask me what I am mixed with because my hair is different and my skin is darker.

Even in America people ask me and it just makes me laugh and smile thinking that the first thing most people say when they meet me is, “What is your ethnicity?” I am definitely proud to be a Hapa.

2 thoughts on “Filipina, Chinese…

  1. I think that is wonderful the way u feel!!! I always ask a person their ethnicity when it’s different from my own!!! Jus like u I think it’s fun!!! I love to guess and then ask!!!! Thanks for the post!!!

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