My name is Ariana Rose.

My mom is Filipina and my dad is an American Jew with green eyes, red hair, and very light skin. He has a mixture of Russian and Lithuanian blood.

I used to shy away from telling people what nationality I was in preschool and elementary school, because I thought looking different made me unattractive, but once I got older I realized that it’s a very special thing to be Hapa, someone who gets to claim more than one background and have their own unique look.

I also have a unique sense of self. My mom’s side of the family is different from my dad’s side, physically and culturally, yet I can identify with both of them.

I’m very proud to be the way I am! SOMEDAY I hope to have Hapa children with my boyfriend, who is also part of more than one cultural background (African American/Native American/Lebanese).

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