I am half Japanese and Half Pakistani.

My Mother is Japanese, while my Father is from Pakistan. Although I have yet to meet a mix like myself, I do feel a bit special in that regard.

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California. I was fortunate to settle into understanding the Japanese culture, as I learned to speak and understand Japanese early on. Generally growing up though I was seen and known more to be the typical Japanese kid.

But people nowadays would identify me as either Mexican, Filipino, or Vietnamese! I guess it can be a strange thing at first, but it certainly does keep people guessing.

Being around people was easy for the most part, as I came to make friends rather quickly. Whether they were Japanese (in Japan), Caucasian, Americans, Spanish,or African American. I felt reaching out to people was no difficulty. However, when it came to needs and resources, I would always want anything Japanese related. Even if it was sushi, natto, or fish fresh from Tokyo, I was one of those people that needed to surround myself with such items. I guess growing so close to one culture makes these things happen.

Going to school in the Bay Area was interesting because how diverse and widespread the culture is in the city of San Francisco. i felt like I was never alone. I’ve met many Hapas over the years, heard of Hapa clubs, and met many many different people with very unique stories. More times than not, I would teach people about Japanese, or give advice in Japanese to people wanting to learn english. It’s one advantage that i found to be extremely useful.

All in all, I cant really say growing up was tough because I have never faced any hardship or discrimination early on both in Japan and in the U.S., so I feel fortunate for that. Being accustomed early on, my knowledge for Japanese is much stronger than my Pakistani side. I hope to make an effort to learn more well into the future…and can truly say being Japanese and Pakistani is the best of both worlds.

27 thoughts on “Japanese, Pakistani

  1. Amazing story!! I’m a Pakistani as well but I was raised in Canada. I am really happy that you accept who you are and are confident about it. I read all the comment and there are a lot of other people like you! Anyways, Rock on!!

  2. I have never met another half Japanese half Pakistani… I thought I was the only one haha so I just typed it in one day on google because I was bored and my mom is from Japan and dad is from Pakistan too! This is so cool…

  3. Amazing you guys! I’ve always been shy about talking to others about my lineage of my father and my mother, they just never understand it seems untill they meet my parents and my sister. My mom is of Chinese and Japanese lineage, my dad’s family is Indian and my sister and I were born and raised in Pakistan. My sister gets a lot of her looks from our father and mother while I look South Asian. Growing up was kind of hard being made fun of. I love more than anything that there are a lot more people in life like my little family and that there is love and understanding in the world! Love and peace y’all!!

  4. Hey,
    Sooooo I found this post in a strange way. I was googling to try and get an idea of what my future children will look like! I am half Pakistani and half Irish and my boyfriend is Vietnemes. I love all these comments! I live in montreal by the way.

  5. I am half Vietnamese and half Pakistani! I grew up from birth to about 12 years old in Pakistan and then came to America and met my Vietnamese side of the family. I now celebrate more Vietnamese traditions but understand Urdu, Vietnamese, and English well. I also understand Sindhi which I learned during my time in Pakistan. I always wondered If there were other mixes out there haha so glad I found your blog post!

  6. Hey!
    Im a bit like you in the sense that im half pakistani, however im half vietnamese. Ive never met anyone half pakistani and half oriental before but this is great haha. Born and raised in England!

  7. Thanks so much for posting this. I am Pakistani and love the Japanese culture. I have been studying Japanese for the majority of my life, and have been to Japan too.
    I have a Pakistani family friend who is married to a Japanese lady. They work in similar fields so I think they met that way. Their son can speak English and Japanese fluently, and understand Urdu very well.
    There is also a Japanese man named Mohammad Azmat Shigeyuki Ataka who is married to a Pakistani woman (both are active in Pakistani government positions).
    I am so happy to see that there are a lot of Pakistanis who are challenging the cultural taboos. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of Pakistani families that would go to the extent of disowning their own children if they married outside the culture :(

  8. I am Half Pakistani and half Chinese. I never met anyone born with the same situation before. I grew up weird, no words can describe. Glad to see someone like me exists.

    • I am half Pakistani and half Chinese too! I’ve also never met anyone like this before! You have no idea how cool and heartening to know that there are other people in the world who can relate to what I go through haha

  9. HI! You have no idea how excited I was when your blog post was the first one I clicked when I googled “japanese pakistani mix.” Because I, too, am Japanese and Pakistani. Dad’s Pakistani, Mom’s Japanese. I’ve had more of a Pakistani upbringing than anything so slightly opposite of yours, although the feeling is the same: having both cultures is truly the best.

  10. Although I’m a full Pakistani, British Born, I have never actually seen or met anyone who is a mix like you. Have met many people with the English/Pakistani mix or Pakistani/African mix or even Pakistani/Arab mix but never met anyone with an Asian mix such as your self! (by Asian I refer to both your Japanese and Pakistani side =P) It’s amazing! I’m always intrigued by people who are a mix of different ethnicity, it fascinates me cause it is just astonishing in my eyes! You are as unique as they get…lucky you! =)

  11. hey there! I enjoyed your story alot! As a matter of fact there is one hapa out there from Johnny his name is masuda ryo (増田 良). He is similar to you with a Japanese Mother and a Pakistani Dad! Check him out he really has an interesting story.

  12. Im Japanese,Korean, (Dad) and Taiwanese (Mom) growing up in Ibaraki,and also was looked upon as a typical Japanese kid! Indeed things have changed, resulting in many ups and downs since but having the attitude to stay positive was something of my mantra also. Im glad someone out there has that same mindset. Guess Hapa minds think alike? lol

    and I agree with the previous poster about you looking like Darvish! very close in backgrounds..

  13. Hey man I enjoyed your read. I grew up in the Bay area also and have met amazing people with stories similar to yours. Being Hapa makes me feel like I can make friends from all walks of life. Always saw that as my strength…And definitely cant live life without the stuff I grew up on either! I can totally agree on that.

  14. I can relate to a lot of the experiences you explained above! I am Japanese and Scottish half and half. I too grew up being able to get along with anyone of any race of any background. Do you think it’s because of being so mixed? I myself have loved it growing up. As you said, makes you feel a bit special, not like every other face in the crowd.

  15. Growing up and changing from an just an asian kid, to being identified as a completely different person can be a blessing in disguise. I once looked nothing but asian, and now, its Russian, German, Chinese, and Spanish. Seems like you had no issue with such transition…which is always a good thing!

  16. Such a unique mix! San Francisco is a great place for Hapa’s im sure! Im from Hawaii and boy let me tell you, it is like Hapa paradise over here! Thank you for sharing! :D

  17. Believe it or not, I have met a mix like yourself (in Japan) she happened to have the same parents as you, but looked completely Japanese more than anything. Although she says her experience has been more neutral right now,she’s gonna live in the states sometime next year. anywho It’s nice to hear someone like yourself having such a positive lifestyle!

    You sort of remind me of Yu Darvish just a little bit..!:P

  18. ive worked with a palestine/ korean physician before, but never met a japanese pakistani mix! Im glad to hear your life growing up was positive and the embrace in your cultures seem very strong!

  19. Hi bud, I’m of a similar mix. My mom is from the Philippines and my father is from Pakistan. You’re the only other person I’ve heard of with an asian/pakistani mix, but there must be many more of us out there.

  20. Hi! I thought your story about yourself was very interesting and inspiring. Moreover, I’ve been to Japan several times and I find the culture extremely interesting, e.g. the food. :-D Anyway, nice story you have there.

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