My name is Hazel Hui. I’m half Chinese and half Polish.

I was born in Hong Kong and lived there for 10 years, however, I moved to the U.K. for my education.

I visited Poland while I was living in Hong Kong to see how my mother’s culture was like. It was very cool to see my Polish cousins and family, and to see the the wonderful sights they offer; however, my mom is from Warsaw, so we checked out the fast city life of Poland.

Moving on, due to me living in the U.K. now – my family and I go to HK twice a year to see our family and friends. Why twice a year? Well, we are homesick, that’s the reason :-D .
I like being mixed and learning 2 different cultures at the same time, but sometimes I get annoyed of being mixed because I feel I can never really fit in with either my Polish side or my Chinese side. However I learn that being mixed you have to accept that and just enjoy the best of both worlds.

Finally, once and a while my mom at Christmas would bring my dad and I to a Polish traditional Christmas party. It was so cool to to see the different types of food, e.g. carp etc. and see the types of entertainment done on Christmas. However, last year my dad brought my mom and I to HK for Christmas. It was so sad because when I used to live there I could see the bright neon lights every year, but still – I loved every second I was in HK.

Anyway, being a mix rocks and we should enjoy every second of it ;-)

15 thoughts on “Chinese, Polish

    • Hi :D haha, thank you ^^ Yeah, I’m very fortunate to be able to travel to Hong Kong and Poland quite often. Whats even
      better is meet other hapas along the way too :)

  1. Oh my god I thought I was the only one!!! I’m half Polish half Chinese too! Born in HK and lived there for 11 years..now studying in the UK

  2. I studied abroad in HK, SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PLACE! I met hapas and locals from Yorkshire, Florida, Philippines and Canada…It’s such a melting pot! Nothing like the HK street waffles! I can definitely understand how you could feel homesick from such a vibrant city :D

    • Really? Thats awesome! :D Wow! I bet you had “The greatest hapa adventure”. hahahah! yeah! They are so yummy XD Yeah, Hong Kong is the mix of delicious food, great friends, family and more (for me) :D

    • Really? wow! Thats awesome to hear! :D You had, “The greatest hapa adventure” in town :D Wow! You’re so lucky – I bet its amazing seeing different kind of hapas across the globe :) hahah! yeah! The Hong Kong waffles are off the hook XD Yeah, Hong Kong to me is a mix of great food, great friends, family and more :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your story! You are so incredibly gorgeous! :) I am Polish, and my boyfriend is Singaporean Chinese, so it was great to hear your about your experiences as a hapa. My boyfriend and I share our lives between our two cultures and countries, although I am sure you have heaps more experience at that than we do, of course. :) (Like, a lifetime more experience!) I don’t know how you do it – it can definitely get tricky! Hapas are pretty amazing.

    Polish pride! :D *hug* And three cheers for Hapas!

    • hahah, no problemo :D awww, thank you ^^ . Wow! Thats awesome! You’re lucky to get to share different cultures with your boyfriend, e.g. food :D . well, maybe a little bit, but to be honest, I guess is how you motivate yourself to find out about your own culture then you gain the experience, however, if you’re not motivated by yourself, then you don’t gain experience :) So, I bet you have lots of experience with different cultures whether you’re hapa or not :) hahaha!

      Yeah! Polish pride! :D *hug* hahah! Three cheers for hapas :D :D

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