Hi! My name is Miranda and I’m French, Vietnamese and Indian descent.

I was born in Vietnam and moved to Canada when I was 5. My mom is a Hapa too, but somehow she denies her French side and only says she’s Vietnamese when someone asks her about her ethnicity.

I love being Hapa, although I look more Asian than Caucasian. Some people see me as a halfie, but most of the time people think I’m full Asian and doubt when I tell them that I’m mixed.

I have friends with different races, and sometimes I don’t feel like I fit in because I am not full anything.

I remember the first time my family when out for dinner together at this Japanese restaurant, the owner kept asking us about each family member’s race because my dad looks Vietnamese, my mom looks like french, my older sister looks like Indian and Asian, and I don’t look like anything. My mom just simply said we are all human beings and that made the most memorable moment about being a part of a unique, mixed family. I used to desperately wish that I was full white, but now I just love being Hapa cause we rock <3

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