Hello my name is Ibrahim. The Bangladeshi side comes from my dad and the Japanese comes from my mum.

I wasn’t always proud of my Japanese heritage because my dad never liked the fact that his first son was mixed and looked more Japanese. Lots of people thought I was Thai or South East Asian.

One day I got very upset because some guy was making fun of me because my dad was not living with me and I was not as racially ‘pure’ as him. But then came a Sri Lankan boy named Karnan and he asked me why I was upset, I told him everything. Karnan told me you should always be  proud of your heritage and that nothing was wrong with me at all. That was four years ago, and we’ve been best friends since.

I have not gone to Japan because I dont speak good Japanese but I am still learning. Hopefully I’ll make it in the next ten years.

2 thoughts on “Japanese, Bangladeshi

  1. Hi, I’m mixed too except my dad’s from Pakistan. I empathize with you, especially the one-parent situation, although both are pretty open-minded. Don’t worry, you’ll do well. Just keep your culture as support and an advantage!

  2. Wow! thats pretty neat to be a bangladesh mixed with Japanese. I would not know the struggles you have faced..but to have a friend who is wiling to accept, and offer the best advice is a friend for keep. Stay proud for who you are and where your from.

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