My mom is fully and entirely Korean. She was born in Korea and raised in Korea. My dad on the other hand is Russian, Romanian, and British. He was born in New York.

While I was growing up almost everyone identified me as Asian. No one ever had any doubts. I had the eyes, the face, and the straight hair. Growing older the lines blurred though.

My hair became more curly and my face became more of the structure of a white person. If people ask I’ll tell them all the things I am, but usually I mostly go by Korean since it’s the most obvious in my features.

I use to always wish I was white like all the other kids in school, but now I’ve really embraced who I am, and what I am because it’s very unique and awesome to be all the things I am.

My boyfriend has red hair so we’re a very unique looking couple. He loves the way I look. The only other person who has the same ethnicity as me is my brother.

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