My name is Eryn and I live in Southern California.

My dad is Scottish, Irish, German and my mother is Japanese, and I constantly get asked “What are you?”

I identify with both my white and Asian side. My brothers and I speak Japanese and have visited Japan many times. We celebrate Japanese holidays such as boys’/girls’ day and on New Year’s, we go to Little Tokyo in Downtown L.A. to be part of the Japanese celebration.

I feel like at my core, however, I have more of a Japanese influence because of the way my mother raised me with Japanese rituals and behaviors.

I’ve had some problems in middle school where I felt like I didn’t fit in, and I even tried to look and act more “white” than “Asian.”

Now, I embrace my ethnicity because it’s unique, and it’s been amazing being part of two very different cultures at once.  I love being Hapa.

2 thoughts on “German, Japanese…

  1. I’m half Japanese, quarter welsh, one eighth English and one eighth Australian. You can see my white and Asian sides too. My whites are my eyes are big my Asian is my skin. I have a western body shape but my face looks full asian to westerns and Asians can tell I’m mixed. I suffered Racism in elementary school while I was quite young, I was 10 my brother was 8 and my brother and I both got picked on. I was so upset. I was and always am proud to be Japanese. But I thourght I was ugly but then a year later I was offered a modeling job. The lady who offered said I was very pretty. Then I got into the modelling business and I still am.

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    I am mix breed too. My mother colombian and brazilian my father Japanese. I was born and raised Japan but live in USA now. I speak Japanese, Chinese (mandarin,Cantonese, my ex husband was half chinese lol) but very little Spanish haha

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